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Work Christmas Party

img_0155The wife and I decked out in our best last night, wait, it wasn’t really our best, we have better clothes and come to thing of it, I wasn’t even wearing a jacket, but we looked good and we felt good.  We were going to my work’s annual Christmas party.P1120443

On the way there, it suddenly dawned on me that I was on tap to say the blessings for the food! “Amie! Shoot!” I yelled, startling her, which wasn’t a good thing as she was driving.  “What?!” She calmly and nicely asked. Yeah right.  “I have to bless the table!  I totally forgot about it!” I quickly grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and between us we managed to compose a nice prayer.  Saved by the pen!  It wasn’t a big deal when you are called to bless the table but when you are not ready, it’s a big deal.

The evening went well.  I blessed the table without any mishaps.  The food was plentiful as usual and so were the prizes.   Door prizes and spot dancing prizes and random draw prizes. Unfortunately, we were not among the lucky ones who took home something.  Like the guy at our table who won twice.

I was enjoying myself watching people enjoying themselves.  I love people watching.  Their dance moves, the drunks in the natural habitat, the olds uns thinking they are young uns… it’s awesome!  Cheap comic relief.

As I checked out the dancers on the dance floor, I noticed that the female dancers were giving a passable account of themselves but their male counterparts looked like trees swaying in the wind.  They stood rooted to their spots while their arms flailed around like appendages with minds of their own.  Hey leftie, let’s go to the right, no to the left.  To the left to the left… It was pathetic and funny at the same time. Then there’s the guy who looked like he missed the bus that was evacuating people from the 80s.  Dressed in black tight jeans and doing some sort of hip thrust that looked mighty painful.  He’s gonna be hurting when he wakes up.

It was a good party and as always, a great way to hang out with your other halves and just mingle.  Too bad a lot of employees chose not to show up as they thought it was hypocritical that their bosses acted so nice to them at the parties but at work they were a**holes.  To each his own I say.

Yes, the DJ did play Gangnam style and engaged a few brave souls, not me, but fortunately, no lives were lost on the dancefloor.holiday_office_party


Gangnam Dangerous To Your Health

Gangnam Kills Man

Death By Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style Can Cause Death!


Gangnam_Style_PSY_31logo (Photo credit: KOREA.NET – Official page of the Republic of Korea)


Told you there was something I didn’t like about this song.  Turns out that it is a killer!   You can read my blog about it here.


A man in England died Saturday after an office party performance of “Gangnam Style” led to chest pains and an eventual failure of the heart.

Eamonn Kilbride, 46, had just finished dancing to Korean pop star Psy’s wildly popular “Gangnam Style” at his company’s office party when he noticed chest pains around his heart and passed out onto the floor of Lancashire’s Whitehall Country Club.

Paramedics tried to revive the man, but their efforts proved unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at the Royal Blackburn Hospital a few minutes after 11:30pm.

A spokesman for Blackburn coroner’s office told Britain’s Daily Telegraph that Kilbride died from acute heart failure caused by coronary artery atheroma, which can often derive from vigorous exercise.

According to Kilbride’s wife Julie, the former IT manager was a “loving husband” and avid golfer who “was always the life of the party and loved dancing.”

“We were having a fantastic time at the Christmas party and Eamonn had just finished dancing to ‘Gangnam Style,'” she told the Telegraph.

“He was up on stage and entertaining everybody. He said he had a bit of a pain and just collapsed.”







Gangnam Style Not My Style


William Hung?

I need help! Fast.  What’s the issue now?  I am glad you asked, thanks for the concern.  Well it seems as though I’ve lost my taste in music! Yes, music!  I love all genre of music.  You name it, I love it.  Now that doesn’t mean I love all songs, I said genre.  Saying this, there’s this song that I am supposed to love. (Yes, supposed to love.   It’s in the script.  Society dictates.) that I really can’t get excited over.  Do you know what song it is?  You guessed it, Gangnam style by Korean singer, Psy.  What the heck is a Gangnam anyways?  I always mispronounce it as ‘Gangman’, which actually makes more sense.  Gangman Style.

When my wife first introduced me to this song, I watched the video thinking at first that it was William Hung, (Remember him?).   “That guy is still around?”  I asked.  I didn’t see it as more than just a joke or a parody  of some sort.  Then I saw him on Ellen and other talk shows.   I thought,  “Why are they making fun of this poor dude?  Enough already.”  Little did I know that he was for real and that Gangnam style was here to stay, at least for a while, and would become the most watched YouTube video and would also catapult Psy to international fame.  While I sit here blogging about being anti-Gangnam, Gangnam Style is sweeping the globe.  It’s viral.   People are eating this thing up like hot bread.  Mmm…hot bread with butter dripping down your arm... Did I mention that I love bread?  Do they have Gangnam Style bread?

Hung performing at Haas Pavilion in 2006


Pardon my digression there.   Do you think that maybe if I can understand what Psy is saying, I might be a bit more inclined to overcome my first impression I had of just a weird looking korean guy doing some crazy dance moves?   (Not crazy as in ‘good’).  It might work.   I mean I do like to sing along to my favorite songs.

 Oppan Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style

Na je nun ta sa ro un in gan jo gin yo ja
Ko pi han ja ne yo yu rul a neun pum gyo gi nun yo ja
Ba mi o myon shim ja ngi tu go wo ji nun yo ja
Gu ron ban jon i nun yo ja

(I still don’t like it!)

Now I don’t mean to trash Gangnam Style or Psy himself.  In this mad mad world, if you are looking for some comic relief and to enjoy a song with lyrics you cannot decipher, then this is your cup of tea.  After all, the beat is, the beat is, the beat is technotronic.  (remember that one?).  But it does kinda have a nice-ish beat, doesn’t it?  Hello, even a washed-up MC Hammer is doing the Gangnam!  So if it brings you happiness, then great!  Unfortunately for poor me, it doesn’t.  Well maybe for the first couple seconds when I first saw it.

But what the heck do I know about music anyways eh?  Gangnam Style hovers somewhere outside my realm of musical awareness.   Just not my cup of tea but this blog is JUST MY TAKE.  You can ignore my cry for help.  I am fine being uncool, listening to real music.  Now where is my Elton John cd?

The Food Of Love – Soca


Soca Queen

Soca Queen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Chances are, you have never heard the word Soca before.  You may have heard Soca songs but just thought it was called Caribbean or Island music.   Soca is an acronym for SOul and CAlypso.   It could also very well mean SOul and Caribbean as it is the soul of the Islands.  Our ‘feel good’ music, our party music, our come together music.


Soca is my favorite music.  With an uptempo beat like no other, lots of brass and bass, I cannot sit still while the beat of a sweet Soca music is in the air.   I jump and wave, wave something, wine my waist, whatever the song urge me to do.  Or I try the newest soca dance move.  There’s always a new dance.


Soca is one of those types of music that could pick you up when you are down.  It lifts your spirits and get you in a party mood, whether you are into partying or not.  Soca is the ultimate dancing music and an opportunity for dancers to grab a girl, any girl and ‘wine up’ behind her.  (Wining is the gyrating of your hips).   Dancing soca music is quite simple.  You basically do whatever you feel like. Move an arm there and a leg there,  it’s all good, as long as you try to maintain a rhythm.  There’s nothing quite like seeing a ‘whitey’ keeping up with the islanders dancing Soca.  A couple of months ago, I was at an after party and I noticed a white guy wining on a black girl.  He was giving such a good account of himself that I went over and fist bumped him.

There are some notable Soca artistes known for producing songs that are specifically aimed at getting you to get off your chair.  Allison Hinds, known as the Soca Queen, Machel Montano, Skinny Fabulous, to name a few.  The old stuff with guys like Mighty Duke, Crazy, Gypsy and Blue Boy is still untouchable though.


It does not exactly make you want to fall in love, except maybe with the music, but it does a fine job in elevating your heart rate and putting a smile on your face.  Soca could very well be the best therapeutic genre of music out there.  It is not however, the food of love.

For a sample of Soca music, go to YouTube and type ‘Soca Music’.



Hip Hop Classes


Today, I took Mikhail to his first Hip Hop dance class.  I was the only colored daddy there, surprise, surprise.  Everyone was looking at me thinking, “Is this some kinda joke?  Aren’t you guys supposed be born dancing?  I thought you had all the rhythm.  Are you here to make fun of the way us white people dance?”

I must admit, I did feel a little strange, walking in with my inherited swagger then, Oh hi, I am here to get my son to learn how to move.  Teach him how to dougie or something.  Look, I just felt out of place, ok?  Let’s hope he makes Daddy proud and dance like MJ.

And that’s your Saturday morning snicker.


Dancing Without The Stars

Rhythm, a sequence in time repeated, featured ...

This past Saturday was my work’s much-anticipated Christmas Party.  My wife and I both took the opportunity to spend an evening out together sans kids.  As an individual of the feminine category, she also took the opportunity to get her nails and hair ‘did’ and acquired new digs for the occasion.  Suffice to say, she looked stunning and made me proud to have her by my side that night.  I also didn’t look too bad myself.  My clothes are usually chosen (by wifey), based on their compatibility to her outfit.  My job is to put them on and show up, to which I never complain.

Our night, or I should say her night was dampened when the party organizer approached us almost as soon as we got there and asked for our participation in the game ‘Dances with the stars.’  For the reality shows buffs out there, you know what this is all about. If you don’t, it is exactly what it sounds like except without the stars. There are five couples, (us being one of them), each couple takes center stage and starts dancing to a random song picked by the dj. In our case, instead of judges, the winner is picked based on crowd response.

My poor wife was dismayed.  She made constant trips to the bathroom and even tried to consuming some ‘brave brew’. I am not sure how effective either of them were.  She spent the next few hours living through the suspense and even tried to trade spouse dancing partner so she could escape the perceived upcoming debacle.

When the time came for us to take the floor, we were couple number 4.  We watched as the first couple, (the company’s President and his wife) waltz around. “I could do that.” Said my nervous wife.  Then couple number 3 was up.  Their song was the fun party hit song “Jump On It.” and jumped on it they did.  In fact they jumped all over it. They added their own moves as they went along, including The Sprinkler, some kinda cowboy move, a sort of move where you hook an imaginary fish and I thought I saw the Funky Chicken. They looked like they were having fun out there and the crowd, including myself, had fun watching them. My wife was now thinking that this wasn’t as bad as she first thought.  “I could do that one too.” she enthused.

“Couple number 4, take the dance floor please!”  (My wife will probably hear that line for the rest of her life).  We took the floor and waited with breath-abated anticipation for the song choice…’Ice Ice Baby! Ice Ice Baby…’ My wife’s visibly cringed at the first note. I saw her thinking, ‘Are you kidding me?? I can’t dance to this. I have never danced to this song and plus I am wearing high heels.”  I was not to be denied. I did the robot, I popped, break danced and did a passable version of the running man, oblivious to the crowd.  My wife did her best under the conditions and most likely prayed for the end, which came none too soon for her. We exited the floor to a polite but generous smattering of applause.

The last couple (older), danced to a striptease song and bits of clothing were being strewn across the dance floor.  The MC’s intervention was timely.  There was a dance off between couple number 3 and couple number 5, which couple number 2 won handily.

As consolation, all contestants were awarded a fifty dollar gift card for the liquor mart.  I am not quite sure that was enough to console my poor wife.  I almost feel bad for having fun on the dance floor.

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