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Remembering 9/11

This is a copy of a blog I made on another site on the anniversary of September 11.

Today commemorates the bombing of the World Trade Center and a dark day in not only American History but also World History. Many lives were lost in more ways than one. In the swift retribution that followed, more innocent lives were lost in bombing raids, torture etc. Ten years later, Bin Laden is dead, Saddam is dead, Sons and daughters are dead. Bombings are still a daily routine in Iraq. Soldiers continue their search in the desolate mountains of Afghanistan to eradicate a now mythical enemy. Muslims and Middle Eastern men also paid the ultimate price, their freedom. They were looked upon as suspects when they board a public transport, walk the streets or assemble. Imagine being on a plane and a bearded man in Muslim garb suddenly has an uncontrollable urge to go to the washroom. He gets up and hurries down the aisle. Would you just look up for a second then go back to reading your in-flight magazine? No. I wouldn’t either. As a matter of fact, I might pass out from fear. Unknown fear that have been sown in my heart since 9/11.

So in retrospect, I do not look back with sadness at a dark memory of the Twin Towers falling and taking many to a fiery demise. No, I look back pain at a turn in life where we lost a chunk of PEACE. Where lies and truth became blurred and many questions were left without answers. Let’s remember those who paid the price and who continue to pay the price for something they never bought. God Bless Us All!

And as always, that’s just MY TAKE.


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