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Home Alone 2

Well it is Day number 3 and I have made it thus far.  The boys have not asked about mommy since the first day.  We won’t tell her that.  I had a cleaning day today and made Ester and Azur help.  Later this afternoon, my mom and Amie’s parents are coming by for a bbq. So I am not doing THAT bad.  Still having some issues with who wears what but other than that, Daddy Day Care is running smoothly.  Yesterday, Mikhail accompanied me on my volunteering gig at Park Manor Nursing Home. (He is a hit with the ladies there).  As we were entering the door, he turned and asked, ‘Daddy, who is going to sing for me when I get old?’  Another of those ‘I have no replies’ moments.  I have quite a lot of those with this kid. If he doesn’t turn out to be a lawyer, I would be surprised. Him and Kenyan sure have the gift of Gab.  I find myself giving in to them a bit more than I should but when you are trapped in your own promises, you should eat humble pie and give in.  I have to always watch what I say around those boys.


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