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Facebook Privacy

So apparently, Facebook is not as private as we would like and all our most intimate information is liable to be shared by a third party.  WOW!!  Some breaking news!  Who would have thunk it?  Someone better alert the authorities to this major breach of trust.  I for one never thought they would do such a think (prepare for sarcasm) and that’s why I had all my bedroom stories, complete with pictures, on Facebook for only my 600 plus friends to see.   (I am shy and a bit of an introvert).  My status updates regularly mirror my soul as I bare it to just my friends, well and maybe friends of my friends and their friends also but they are sort of my friends still as they are connected to my friends, right?   I would never share that kind of information with ANYONE else so Facebook doesn’t have the right to do this either.   When my status says, “Woohoo!! Carlos is leaving today for a month long vacation in Europe!!”,  I would hate to know that someone outside my 600  friends (and their friends) circle can also see it.  I heard that’s how people’s homes get burglarized but I trust my friends and their friends and their… never mind, you get the idea.

Now how about my other personal information like address etc?  Well I have filled out the form like they asked me and I wrote my name, age, address, phone number, etc. Heck, just so they don’t ask me later, I even tossed in my credit card and social insurance numbers.  ( In the box that says ‘sex’, I put ‘depends on the wife’s mood’   Who asks that anyways??).  I don’t think I left anything out.  Oh,  I also checked the box that says ‘share all with friends’.  I really don’t have a problem with my friends seeing anything on my page.  They are my friends and friends trust each other.

In regards to my photos.  I have to confess that I have uploaded some very questionable ones on Facebook BUT only my 600 plus friends are allowed to see them. NO ONE ELSE!  ( There was this one with me wearing my wife’s dress. Too funny.  Got a lot of comments on that one).  I don’t want to even THINK of other people I don’t know seeing these photos.   I can kiss my chance of ever running for public office goodbye.

My friend who considers herself ‘smart’, is not at all worried about Facebook’s breach.  She is not concerned about ‘other’ people seeing her personal stuff since according to her,  she does not put anything on Facebook or any other social network for that matter, that she would be worried about the wrong people seeing.  She says she views such sites as entertainment only and people like me, who takes it too seriously, have a problem.  I think SHE is the one with a problem if she cannot even trust her friends.  Why are they your friends if you can’t even trust them? No wonder she has only 135 friends on Facebook. (I would like to crack the thousand mark ).  My friend does not have even one photo album and barely updates her status.  Why even bother being a Facebook member?  What sort of entertainment is that??

Last week, the electricity went off in my part of town and I had to load the kids up in the van and drove for half an hour to my mom’s so I could get access to Facebook and keep abreast on how my friends were doing.  Now that’s proof right there that I’m being entertained and enjoying all the benefits of Facebook.

Or maybe my friend is really the smart one and I do have a problem…

Just my take.


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4 thoughts on “Facebook Privacy

  1. Camila Resende on said:

    YEAH, I totally agreed with you. I even posted a photo where I was completely in undies and my best friends were all commenting on it .. Too bad I couldn’t understand it as they were speaking another language. But still, I believe it was something good. Today I might upload another picture to my friend from India, Saad Beliier. I don’t know, those Indian people keep adding me .. I think Saad always talk about me in there! LOL

    Sarcams Rocks and so do you!

  2. Love your blog!! All the best to you!

  3. Reblogged this on Musings Of A Daddy and commented:

    One of my favorites that I have to reblog.

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