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How does mommy do it?

Seriously, how do I get anything done when I am watching my boys?  They are always wanting my attention and I feel bad when I have to turn one of them down when they asked their daddy to take part in a game or come with them to see what they made, (could be just a big poop sometimes), or just be the fourth person in whatever game they are playing.  Most times I just gave in and go with the flow.  I had really good intentions of teaching Kenyan his alphabet but when I try to, I have the other two climbing over me or tempting and distracting Kenyan by showing him what toy they are playing in or what interesting game he is missing out on.  It’s a job I tell ya!

Now I have found out a few things that makes mommy and I different.  I have more kid in me than she does. (not THAT way! I am snipped!).  I would rather play with the boys than say clean. I DO CLEAN THOUGH. Just so you know. I am good around the house but our priorities differ.  Mommy would say ‘Ok boys go and play while I go do this or that.”  I would say ‘Boys I have to go do this or that BUT I will play one more game with you.’  The game would turn into a time-consuming affair.  I also live under the mantra that I should take whatever chance I gave to play with them and give them that extra kiss and hug they ask for even if it means going back upstairs to their bedroom for the umpteenth time.  (And no, they don’t have me wrapped around their fingers).

Kenny is doing good learning from his brother so it helps.  He is counting to 10 in French as his brother is now in French Immersion and practices all the time.  He learned colors and numbers mostly on his own and his keeping up with Mik’s pace just fine.  With Mikhail, we had all the time to teach him and we made use of it.

Still mommy seems to have an easier time with balancing things than I do.  Heck, I can’t even balance a tray with my drink and a burger on it.  Mmmm…talking about burgers, today is whopper day at Burger King!


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