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Weekend at the Walcotts

Yesterday was the Annual Zombie Walk in Winnipeg.  People dressed in various zombie costumes congregate at a downtown location and walk a few blocks.  Actually quite a few blocks.  This year, we decided to participate.  Thanks to my wife’s spontaneity.  She got us all painted up and ready to go in no time.  When we got downtown, there was a large crowd already there.  The most popular zombie was the zombie bride but there were some rather scary and interesting ones.  There were even some Winnipeg Jets Zombies walking around. (very fitting considering their current play). 

Today, we celebrated Mikhail’s birthday with just the family and close friends.  It was a nice little affair.  Ester made us my favorite alcoholic drink, CAIPIRINHA. Made with Brazilian rum, sugar and lemons. YUM YUM. Mikhail was spoilt with gifts including also Jets’ T-shirt and a Jets’ hoodie.  Lucky chap!  I think he had a very good time. 


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2 thoughts on “Weekend at the Walcotts

  1. Hey C, is this your first post as a blogger? yay!

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