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1-2-3 Texting…

My cousin finally got the Blackberry he craved.  He had a ‘generic’ phone for a few years and wanted a BB so he could enjoy all the cool stuff that came with it like bbm, facebook app, etc.  Plus all his friends had one.

So far, it has been a nightmare at least for me.  I have never hated seeing someone texting as much as I do now.  Thanks to him, I am a vigilante on the lookout for people texting in places and situations they should not.

He texts while surfing, eating with family, washing dishes, watching tv…I am seriously disgusted and sickened whenever I am forced to see him engaging in this activity.  The fact that he shuts out the world when he’s texting, is the clincher.  I have had to repeat myself loudly too many times.  Did I mention his showers are approximately 30 minutes long as he texts for 20 minutes while locked in the bathroom before actually getting into the shower.

I am in a constant mental fight trying to restrain myself from snatching said bb and dashing it against a wall.  I am not sure how much longer I can hold on to my sanity…

It’s just the way teenagers are, right? Now that’s another topic…

check out my other blog relating to the texting issue…


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