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That’s just how teenagers are

While I am on this teenagers rant, let me take the opportunity to let it all out.  My last post detailed my dislike for inappropriate texting by my cousin.  After relating this and other teenager related issues with a few of my friends, I noticed that a common response was ‘that’s how teenagers are’.  Puhlease spare me! I simply do not buy this. Teenagers are supposed to be rebellious, unhygienic, lazy, rude and disrespectful, so get used to it and adapt.  That’s what I am supposed to believe? Well not in my house!  This nonchalant and resigned acceptance is partly to blame for the rise in youth violence.  Unfortunately, this same attitude has permeated our court system.  How many of these youths are usually repeat offenders?

Teenagers are just how we make them.  If we allow them to be the things that we think they should be just because they are teenagers, then of course, that is how they are going to be. (I am not saying here that they won’t or can’t change to become very good contributors to society. Lots of them do).  Should we allow them to disrespect us because we know it is just a teen phase?  Is it wrong to deny them the opportunity to text when and where they want as this means we are not allowing them to be teens?  Do you see where this is going?  It simply is not acceptable to sit back and wait for this phase to pass.  Nip it in the bud.  By teaching our children to differentiate right from wrong, acceptable to unacceptable behavior, we may well be eliminating the chance of having one of ‘those teenagers’. You know how they are…


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5 thoughts on “That’s just how teenagers are

  1. tiffsjourney on said:

    I totally agree with this! It’s up to us to raise our children with morals and values and teach them to be productive citizens as they grow older. I also don’t deal with the “that’s just how teenagers are” crap… We have to demand respect… otherwise.. we won’t get it, nor will anyone else that crosses their paths! Great post!

  2. Hold your ground! You know teenagers need instruction and discipline. Inwardly, they crave it. If a parent has taught their children how to love, by demonstrating love to their children and others, then instruction is our next duty…no matter how tough it gets. Many parents want to be their child’s friend, don’t you think? They would rather be “cool with their kids” as oppossed to a true loving parent. Tough love is a two-way street. God bless you and keep up the good fight.

  3. I am 100% in agreement with the comment you made about some parents wanting to be their child’s friend. It seems to be very prevalent these days. Some parents tried so hard to be ‘cool with their kids’ that they would purchase cigarettes and alcohol for them if they are underage.
    I appreciate the comments!

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