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Leichhardt All Souls Anglican Church
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I just had an urge to blog about the Church I attend.  I choose to worship there, not because they are the best group of people, although they are a darn good bunch,  or because the pastor deliver the best sermons.  I chose this Church because it answered most of my questions as to what I wanted in a ‘home church’.  I say ‘home Church’ as I do not allow myself to be confined to attending this church exclusively.  I also attend an Anglican Church at least once a month,  plus a couple other denominations at least a couple times a year.  I like to experience different forms and types of worships.  It helps to keep things fresh.

Now you are probably wondering what questions my Church answered to make me want to make it ‘my Church’.  Well for one, this may seem very trivial, it is literally outside my backyard.  Attending church can sometimes be like going to the gym.  You miss a day and then it turns into a week and before you know it, you have not attended in a month or maybe a year.  Having a church in close proximity to your home, helps to eliminate this tendency.  If perchance I have to miss church, I try to keep my curtains drawn just in case I am seen by church member while I am sitting on my couch watching football on TV.   My church also has more than a few members of its congregation who still remember my name and seem genuinely pleased to see me whenever I show up.  Laugh if you must but the last church where I worshiped  for over 15 years,  I still never felt like I was a real part of it.  There were cliques in the congregation that seemed harder to break into than a bank’s safe.   So that was question number two that my church answered.  The really big one was that the resident Pastor who sadly, recently moved to another province,  delivered sermons  in a way that kept my attention and made me stay awake.  (this, I assure you is no easy feat).  God forgive me, but my ADD kicks in when a preacher/pastor sounds as if he might be on the verge of falling asleep as he delivers a sermon.   I don’t think any sermon is boring.  It is all in the delivery.  Sermon content and appropriateness plays a big part also.

There are a few other points that my church has that made me gravitate to it like the live band that is very enthusiastic every Sunday, the coffee breaks where coffee and hot chocolate are actually served are just a couple.


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