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My Lost Weekend

Washington Capitals Mascot

This weekend, I decided I was going to finally back up all my poems by transferring them from paper unto an actual disc.  I went where I knew I kept the folder containing loose pages and a book that I brought with me when I came to Canada.  It contained poems I wrote since I was 14.

To my dismay, not only were my poems not in the drawer but also nowhere to be found.  I looked literally EVERYWHERE.  Turned the house upside down, room by room.  I even drove to my work to go through my desks in case I had taken them to work and forgot them there.  I hate to lose anything so i was freaking out, kind of.

I had an inkling that they might be in the jacket closet at the front door, top shelf. So I stripped it bare and in so doing, found my prized Washington Capitals’ scarf that my wife had bought me last Christmas.  (I actually forgot I had it). I was excited and promptly wrapped it around my neck and temporarily dismissed the poems from my mind.

Later in the day, Amie’s work had a Car Rally and BBQ. I wanted to reunite with my ‘new’ scarf, so decided to keep it on.  The Car Rally had my team travelling all over the city trying to collect clues etc.  Three hours later, poems forgotten, we were back at base with most of our clues.  While sitting there, I realized my neck seemed lighter. Something was missing!  Yes, my scarf!  Gone! Just like my poems.  I had a hunch that I lost in a park where I had to visit to count statues, so on the way home, my wife and I trudged through the wet grass in a futile search for my lost-and-newly-found-then-lost-again scarf.

So there I was on Sunday, a bit morose over the loss of my scarf and starting to come to terms with the loss of my poems.  Later in the evening, I had to go out with the car.  I went to grab the car keys and they fell off the holder unto the floor.  I watched it fall so it would be no problem finding it.  I knelt to retrieve it and stood up 25 minutes later without them. Grrr….(Good thing we have a spare set).

They were found by the wife this morning.


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