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Boo At The Zoo With My Lead Foot Wife

Police officer using a hand-held LIDAR speed gun

Well what do you know? My poor snake bitten wife got her second speeding ticket in 7 days.  It was almost identical to the one she got last week.  Let me start at the beginning.   We took the entire family to Boo At The Zoo this evening.  This is an annual event that coincides with Halloween.  It is held at the Zoo and runs for a couple of weeks.  On the way there, we saw the police manning a speed trap on the opposite side and made a note to be wary on our way back.

The evening went well.  The boys had a great time mingling with the ghosts, goblins and other scary creatures of the night.  Kenyan was dressed as Iron Man, Mikhail as Captain America and Treyton as Super Mario.  Cute as buttons they were. For some reason, Mikhail was a bit scared to do anything.  He clung to mommy for most of the adventure.

On the way home,  we were chatting and laughing in the van when all of a sudden a cop appeared in front of us, waving us to pull over.  Oh no! Not again! was our collective thoughts.  Sure enough, there was a ticket with Amie’s name on it.  Apparently, the speed limit was 50 and she was doing 66. (last week, she was doing 67 in a 50)  Her speeding ticket? $250 something, for a grand total of almost $600!!!  Well there goes Christmas!


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