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WHAT?!! My Son Isn’t Perfect??

Hello Parents, look at your kid, now back to mine.   Sadly, he isn’t mine.”

Every parent would like to think that their kid is the perfect kid.   Don’t agree with me?  Just go on Youtube and search ‘talented kids’ or anything kids related.  You will see how many parents think that they have the next big star or the next Einstein.  You will even see some parents gushing over their 5-year-old performing a song that only a parent would think was cute. (Sorry!).

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with this.  (Thinking your kid is perfect I mean, not the video part. That is still kinda wrong).  Unless we end up creating unrealistic expectations for our kids…and also ourselves.

Yesterday evening, I got a dose of reality via a Parent Teacher Meeting Amie and I had with Mikhail’s Teacher.  As we sat at her desk, she quite impressively(and professionally I might add), used examples of projects our son had worked on, to show us how he was progressing in his class.  Everything was going according to our expectations of him until she got to the Alphabet.   She explained. “He recognized all 26 letters in caps BUT…”  That’s where I tuned out for a split second.  But?? There should be no Buts! This is my son we are talking about.  He knows the alphabet upside down! Heck, I am sure he is the smartest kid in his class!

I forced myself to tune back in just in time to hear her explain that she had introduced two new ‘funky’ lowercase letters.  The ‘a’ and the ‘g’.  They were used to the ‘a, g’ So it was a bit confusing initially.  I slowly exhaled in relief.  My boy was ok after all.

Madame Shaw wasn’t done.  “When the kids are working on something, I noticed that Mikhail is er…well…” Oh oh, she’s stalling. This is not good! What now? “…he’s a bit slow…” Slow? My son is slow? Oh my Goodness! Why haven’t I seen the signs? Was I too busy gushing on how cute and smart he was and ignored the warning signs? Sorry son.  “…in finishing his work.  It’s not that he gets it wrong, it’s just that he takes a bit longer to make sure it’s right”.  That’s my boy! The perfectionist.  I need to tell him to try and be quicker getting his work done though.  I can’t have him finishing his work last.  Just doesn’t make him seem like the smartest kid in class.  

Now try to tell me you have never ever had thoughts like that.  Shame on you for trying to lie to me.  It’s quite ok really.  Healthy even.  As long as we keep it in our thoughts only.

All kids are perfect in their parents’ eyes, or at least, they should be.  They are all unique and special and because of this, no kid is better than another.  Right? Right.



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3 thoughts on “WHAT?!! My Son Isn’t Perfect??

  1. I married a guy who was a bit “slow” in class compared to his twin brother. “Just take your time” was what he was told. He did. He does. He was sent to Africa as a Peace Corp volunteer, came back and got a PhD and spent a career cheerfully helping others. Oh, I do so like these guys who are “slow.” Thanks for the great post! Barb

  2. great read. enjoyed the story about school, and I can only imagine what I will do when my daughter starts school. But i’ve got a few years to think about that. Wanted to let you know I’ve moved my blog from middleclasskeith to . I’ve posted the comment you left me linking back to your blog so others can enjoy too. I’ve bookmarked your site, and will feature it for sure when I start my “Site of the Week” series shortly. Keep up the good work!

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