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Yesterday evening, I took my 3-year-old with me to volunteer at a Nursing Home.  I usually go there and sing with the residents at least once a month.  The boys are a hit when I take them, especially when Mikhail and Kenyan sing their hit song, Jesus Loves Me This I Know.’

Kenyan chose to go with me rather than stay home and carve pumpkins with mom.  He was very well-behaved.  During a break between songs, one of the residents called me over and asked quietly if it was possible to get him to do ‘Jesus Loves Me This I Know’.  I wasn’t sure he would, as it meant him doing it solo. (He’s the shy one).  I pitched the idea to him and was a bit surprised when he immediately agreed.

He then stood up and belted out the cutest rendition of Jesus Loves Me This I Know that I had ever heard.  Complete with his childish pronunciations and gestures and his sincere expression.   You could have heard a pin drop as everyone, including the nurses, was all transfixed on this little boy, singing to the residents with all his heart.  Reader, I wish you could have seen it.  A blog just cannot capture that moment. (Won’t stop me from trying though).

Daddy could not have been any more proud.  Like I said in the topic, it was a rather touching moment. Makes me remember something in the Bible that says ‘And a little child shall lead them.’


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2 thoughts on “Touching Moment

  1. Brings tears to my eyes! What a wonderful son, and a wonderful example to us all! It is so touching to see the faith of a child!

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