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I love kids, as you can tell from my blogs, but I am very uncomfortable when it comes to babies.  Especially if they are not my own.  Before I had my own kids, I was extremely uneasy holding babies.  (Am I speaking for all or most men here?).  When someone has a new baby in the room and everyone is all oohing and aahing and taking turns holding it,  I think to myself, ‘please don’t give him to me’.  I think they are cute, will poke him or her and hold their tiny finger and maybe even make some baby-like sounds, but that’s the extent of it…unless of course they did something out of the ordinary.  Why would I hold a sleeping baby anyways? As far as babies go, I think basically, they are all cute, look very much the same and do nothing but eat, sleep and cry.  Nothing cute about crying if you ask me.

I was only comfortable when holding my own.  I could hold them upside down, with one hand while feeding, etc. No biggie.  Still at that age, they were all mommy’s boys.  She loved the baby stages.  Them lying there all cute. I guess for moms, it is a bonding experience.  For me, fishing, rough and tumbling, soccer, those are all my forms of bonding. Oh, I can’t forget prayer time and bedtime stories. That’s why my favorite age is between 2 and 4.


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