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Today is a blogging milestone for me of sorts, reaching 1000 readers/visitors/viewers.  Today, close to 1000 (some are probably repeat offenders), people know more about me or know something about me.

I started just under two months ago and it has been a great experience so far, both writing and reading blogs. I have gained a lot of insight on various life issues and parental support from virtual strangers.  I thought I was only going to be a writer but I find myself reading more than I am writing.

I started blogging with no main aim in mind.  At first, I made it private as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share my innermost thoughts.  After letting my wife and a couple close friends preview what I had, I was talked into sharing it.  I liked the no holds barred aspect of blogging.  The open boundary as to what I can write about and how I can write it appealed to me.  Even though my first few blogs were read over and edited so many times, I think I lost the idea I was writing about. I just wanted to present my best to the reader.  I later realized that the more uncut and raw it was, it made for a better reading, so now I just let my fingers go like a dog in an off leash park.

So thank  you for stopping by and reading my rants, gripes, anecdotes or whatever came out my brain.  Some of you gave me your thoughts and or support on a few of my blogs and some are even following me.  (Crazy people). In whatever way you made your presence felt, I appreciate it.  When I blog, you are in my thoughts.  If I don’t think it’s worth your time reading, I won’t share it.  I have also read some of your blogs in return and following a few (calm down, not in that way. Do I look like a stalker to you? Don’t answer that!).

I hope I can keep whetting your appetite so that you will keep visiting and maybe, god forbid, share my blog. Please feel free to comment and interact with me, I don’t bite and I LOVE discussions.

One love!


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