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Humbling Daddy

Yesterday, while we were all sitting in the van waiting for mommy, as she had to run into the store, Treyton started wailing non stop.  He had started off and on ever since we got into the van so I had had enough.   I turned to him and said sternly “Treyton! You stop that right now! Enough!”

My recently-turned-five-year-old-going-to-be-a-lawyer-son piped up from the backseat, “Daddy, stop! stop! Look at this…” Then he addressed his crying sibling in a calm and conversational voice, ‘Hey Treyton, listen to me for a minute. Are you listening?’  To which his brother paused from his bawling and mumbled ‘yes’.  “Treyton, Mommy just had to go into the store and she is coming right back soon, so don’t cry, ok? ok Treyton?”

Well drat my eyes if that didn’t put an end to the ear-splitting wails coming from the van.  No more crying. Peace and quiet! Thank you Lord! Well not so fast!!  Did I just receive a schooling from my son? I felt humbled but also proud at the same time. Heck, even a bit guilty that maybe I should have been the one to use the ‘conversational voice’ tactic on the crying toddler, but gimme a break here though, I had just got home from a stressful day at work, a day at work and didn’t wind down properly. Let’s go with that.

Whatever excuse I chose to give, that was a humbling experience and one that I will file away for future reference.



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2 thoughts on “Humbling Daddy

  1. HA!! Funny, but I’m with you…I don’t know that a “conversational tone” would ever, in a million years work-especially not coming from a parent…however, coming from a sibling-magic!

  2. For us parents, another crying kid is the last thing we want to hear so responding in a conversational tone is not always an option.

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