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He sees you when you are sleeping…

Santa Claus with a little girl

It’s that time of year again.  The time when the jolly man ‘shows’ up and repay good deeds with gifts of toys for the little ones.  Now this is an often discussed topic.  Should we continue to ‘lie’ to our children about the existence of Santa? Is it Anti Christian? Is it teaching them to lie?  These are just a few of the questions that are raised.

Personally, I fail to see what the big commotion is all about.  I too have been ‘victimized’ as a kid and ‘lied’ to about the big man.  I would never have forgiven my parents had they hid the Santa Story from me.  The thing is, this is what helped in shaping my childhood.  I do not resent them for the blatant deception, I applaud them. I could not imagine growing up without my childish dreams of Santa.  Deep down, I somehow always knew it wasn’t real but I chose to silence that thought until I was too old to pretend anymore.

You might be thinking, ‘But wouldn’t that warp your christian beliefs? Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and you should be concentrating on this and not Santa.’  If you were, I understand but you also have to understand that we are talking about a kid here.  I was still able to separate the two without taking anything away from The Reason For The Season.  I loved the stories of the manger and the virgin birth as all kids do.  They also played their part in shaping my views of Christmas.  As I got older, I no longer needed a fabled guy (imaginary friend?) to help me in my understanding of things. I separated facts from fiction.  (I have yet to see an adult who thinks that Santa Claus is real or who holds resentment to their parents for ‘lying’ to them).

As a Dad, I enjoy the Christmas morning looks of pure happiness on my kids faces as they come downstairs to a present that they think Santa brought them. Priceless! For some parents, the Christmas season sees their kids behaving like model children for fear that Santa is watching them and should they slip up, nothing but a coal would be in their stockings on Christmas morning.  At the malls you can always hear the threat, ‘You’d better stop that cuz Santa is watching and he even sees when you are sleeping…’


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4 thoughts on “He sees you when you are sleeping…

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  3. In the first grade, I announced to my whole class that Santa was not real. I told them, “It’s your dad! NOT Santa!!” My parents found out about that at parent-teacher conferences, because it had made a whole classroom burst into tears…oops!
    I personally love Santa and will be helping my son leave cookies and milk for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer. I believe children, like you said, can differientiate between fiction, and fact…and the fiction of Santa is such a fun tradition!

    • You killed it for them! lol. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in your shoes then. Kids grow up so fast that it really doesn’t take them long to figure out the hoax. It’s great that when they do, their reaction is rarely accusatory. They just take it in stride and link it to the bedtime stories we read to them as naive kids without telling them they were fiction.

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