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The Mighty Sparrow

LP cover - Sparrow - Knock Dem Down

This blog is about a song bird but not the kind that you might think.  It is about the greatest Calypso singer (Calypsonian) ever.  Calypso, for those who do not have an inkling of what I am talking about, is a musical genre from out of the Caribbean.  The Mighty Sparrow has dominated this musical category for a number of years and made himself into a household name wherever Calypso is known.

Back in the islands, I grew up listening to the songs the grown-ups listened to.  Many of these were by Sparrow.  Most of us kids were able to sing one or more of his songs in its entirety.  The man is a legend in every sense of the word.

Maybe it was a childhood fantasy to emulate the Mighty Sparrow but I grew up always wanting to sing Calypso to a wide audience. At least, wider than just my immediate family.  in 2004, I did just that, winning my first ever Calypso Competition and becoming the face of Calypso in my city. I now regularly perform at many functions mostly in a Calypsonian capacity.

Last week to my surprise, I got a call from a promoter asking if I could open up for a New Year’s Eve dinner and dance featuring the man himself, The Mighty Sparrow!  I was floored!  Sharing a stage with the master is like a dream come true.  (He is quite a bit older now and maybe not as spry as he once was but it’s still him).





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