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Another Anthem Flub

Former Idol, and one of my favorites from her season, Lauren Alaina, is in the news for all the wrong reasons.  She succumbed to her nerves and flubbed a line of the National Anthem.  Criticisms were fast and furious.  From her appearance to her sexuality.  Some had not the faintest relevance to the incident.

As a performer myself, I know the jitters can be over powering when performing in front of a large audience or any audience for that matter. I cannot count how many times I have forgotten the lyrics to songs.  To make matters worst, they were songs I wrote.  Lauren is only 17 years old and showed remarkable composure in the way she righted the ship and sailed on bravely.  By the end of the song, one could almost forget the slip-up.  Kudos Lauren!

On the matter of Celebrities singing the National Anthem, is it really necessary?  Why can’t everyone  stand and sing it together with pride?  This will also help to eliminate future Anthem flubs.



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