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Have you ever found yourself in discussions where you have so much to contribute but you are muted by everyone else or too intimidated or shy to speak up? Or maybe just couldn’t find the right words to put it all together?  After an argument have you said to yourself, ‘I wished I had said this or that’ and you stewed about it for hours wishing you had the last word?  I have been there.  In my case, I am really bad at vocalizing exactly how I feel.  Fortunately, I can write it without any problems.  That’s where blogging comes in.

I never intended to be a person who shares their innermost thoughts and rants with the world via blogging but after getting my feet wet, here I am up to my neck.  If reading blogs is my air intake, then blogging is my air vent. There is nothing quite like having a bloggable moment during your day then sitting down later to write about it.  It’s like having that drink at the end of a hectic day.  Ahhh!

I realized I was a blogger when I started taking my camera everywhere with me and assessing every situation to see if it was interesting enough to write about. The writing is usually where it’s at.  Sometimes I just have to get it out there that I don’t even bother to read it over. My fingers are racing over the keys and my mind is going 100 miles an hour. Gotta hurry! Gotta hurry!

The thing I like about blogging is the freedom to express myself in any way I want. I can use colloquial expressions, slangs, brackets at will, punctuations whenever and wherever I like and even my malapropisms are accepted.  I blog without fear that my writing is being judged because I chose to write in my everyday vernacular sometimes sacrificing syntax.  (Even it is, so what? It’s my point, my blog so I chose how I want to say it).

Blogging does come with a price, unfortunately.  Some people do not take too well the idea of them being in the starring role in a blog. Some others think too much information is shared.  It’s ok to write about this but not about that.  What is the use of blogging if I am going to stifle what my brain is trying to push out? It’s like clenching your butt while sitting on the potty or drinking a rum and coke without the rum.  Pleasing everyone is impossible and since like I said, it’s the writing that I derived the most satisfaction from, I will keep on writing.


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