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As a big Hockey fan and an even bigger fan of the Washington Capitals, it was interesting to note the firing of their head coach Bruce Boudreau, this morning.  The same guy who just only a few years ago, was good enough to best the other coaches and win the Coach Of The Year Award. The same coach who with his last win a couple of games ago, became the fastest coach in NHL history to reach 200 wins. (201-88-40).  So we can bet our houses that he would be picked up within 24 hours by some lucky team.

Apparently, Boudreau  had lost the support of his team. Whatever he did was not working, so unfortunately, he was the fall guy as all coaches are when their teams are failing. I am not sure why this is so.  If a student continually fails to live up to his or her potential, the teacher is never in any danger of losing his or her job.  Even though in some cases, the level of tutoring provided at schools are surely reasons for some heads to roll in that department…but that’s another take.

In a league, and also a world, where athletes are extremely overpaid, I think holding same athletes to some responsibility for their performances would not be a bad thing.  Why should the peon have to pay because an overpaid athlete suddenly thinks he’s too rich to give two hoots about playing up to his potential?   They are signed to these outrageous contracts that is not performance based, so why should they risk their health when they could just coast and still pick up their fat pay cheques?  I still say ALL athletes should be paid based on how they perform.  This means that their contract should be reviewed each season and made to reflect their play.

Personally, I also think it is preposterous that someone playing a sport gets paid in the hundreds of millions.  Their job, if one can call it that, does not cure cancer or any ailment for that matter.  Unlike an educator’s, it also does not shape a child to become the next president, scientist or doctor.  In a normal world, a doctor and teacher would probably be high up on the pay scale, enjoying the respect that their careers should garner.  Unfortunately, we are not living in such a world so we will continue to watch a rich brat running up a down a hardwood floor while bouncing a ball, complaining to the ref whenever another rich brat invade his personal space. What a picture!


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