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Customer Service Experience

Yesterday I had to call a credit card company to activate a couple  visa gift cards that I had won from my work.  I had tried activating them online but apparently that didn’t work as they were declined when I tried using them at a store. The phone activation process should have been simply and unbloggable but thanks to the robot I got on the phone, it made for a funny and a bit frustrating moment.  She followed her script like a bloodhound on a trail.  Here’s the main part of the conversation.

Me: “Hi, I have two visa cards that I would like to activate”.

CSR: (robotic monotone).  “May I have your 16 digit number please.”

Me: (Reads numbers from Credit Card)

CSR: “Please state your full name for verification.”

Me: (Gives her my name)

CSR: “Please give your full address for verification.”

Me: (Gives her the info.)

CSR: (After a brief pause). “Your card is already activated.”

Me:   So what do you mean? Was it ALREADY activated before or you already activated it a second ago?  “Thank you and also have the other card to activate”.

CSR: May I have the 16 digit number please.

Me: (read out numbers)

CSR: “Please state your full name for verification.”

Me: (Thinking) Um…It’s still me.  Don’t you remember me? You’re kidding, right? I am the same guy. I didn’t leave.  I didn’t hang up and call back. Are you some kinda robot?”My name is Carlos A. Walcott”.  Weird huh? I have the same name as the last guy you spoke to.

CSR. “Please give your full address for verification.”

Me: Seriously?? I just gave you all that information on the first card and told you I had two cards to activate. I am at work here and you are wasting my time asking redundant questions. “My name is Carlos A. Walcott.”

CSR: “This card is already activated.”

Me:  So does this mean they were already…nevermind.  “Thank you!”

Wow!  Whatever happened to humans?


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2 thoughts on “Customer Service Experience

  1. they have a list that they read from. The same goes for all support functions. Ever tried to call IT support when something is wrong with a computer or something. My question is, do they surgically remove brain when they hire people for this job?

    • lol. I think they do. They remove the brain and insert a programmed chip. It is a rare and welcome treat to engage in a normal conversation with a telephone rep while they go about serving you. Come to think of it, our IT at work is not to far removed from that scenario.

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