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The Bachelor (US TV series)

I am probably going to lose a few fans here but I just have to say it.  What’s with this show called The Bachelor? Talk about double standard… How is it that we as a society, looks at a man dating more than one woman at a time as a player, a cheater or even a slut, but present it in a reality TV form and we can’t get enough of it.  The Bachelor goes on dates with a bevy of beauties (one at a time, thank goodness) and treats each woman like a food sample at the local Costco. And we think this is fun and totally cool? What’s wrong with us?

That is why I find the show The Bachelor very hard to take. (sorry ladies…and gentlemen too).  For those light years behind, the show is basically about some down-on-their luck professionals who just cannot find a woman to share their life with.  (I guess there’s just not that many gals out there who love doctors with perfect teeth and a hard jaw lines).  So a TV network figured they would capitalize on these hapless, unloved ones and make a show in which they have all these girls try to woo the doctor. (in a nutshell). During the episodes, he would wine and dine each bimbo nice girl and engage in meke-out sessions much to the delight of the girls. This is all good as he’s just checking them for eligibility.  Can blame the guy for wanting to make sure that the one he chooses is actually the right one that he will live happily ever after with. (Although the unions typically never last longer than a good blog read).

It is also worth mentioning the behavior of these women as they compete for the bachelor.  All self-worth is lost in their quest to marry the so-called Mr. Right.  But what would a good TV show be without some degradation and immorality, right?

A few years ago, one of the girls vying for Prince Charming was from my city. She made it deep into the show and thought she had a chance, after all, she was given a rose, kissed a few times and made to feel that she was a shoo-in.  She was devastated when she was tossed aside like a used sock.  She later spoke out against the show, saying that the girls are plied with alcohol and told to fight etc. to create drama and suspense. (Seriously? I would have never known. Thanks for clearing that up.) I wonder what she would have said  had she won.

If you enjoy reality shows about guys and gals engaging in behavior that you do not condone in real life but can’t get enough of on tv, then this show is for you.  Next time you are watching it, or The Bachelorette for that matter, think about how you would feel if your son brought home 6 women and kept them in the basement for some time.  You get mad and confront him, only to be told “Don’t worry mom, I’m just trying to find the right one and will kick out 7 of them as soon as I find which one is right for me.”  “Son, are you having sex with them too?”  “Duh mommy, how would I know if she’s the right one if I don’t?”


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2 thoughts on “The Bachelor

  1. I totally agree with you on this show!!! -Although they DO go on group dates and sometimes 2 or 3 at a time near the end. How horrible is that?? I can’t imagine if I had been dating Tanner and competing with 2 or 3 other women at the same time for his affection & love.. although, we both know i would have won out! =)

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