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Christmas Shopping With Daddy

Last Saturday, Mikhail, Kenyan and I set out to do some last-minute shopping for mommy.  Well what do you know? Sending me shopping with the boys is  basically having three unsupervised kids wandering through a store, a sure recipe for disaster. Rest assured that we did manage to avert any potential disaster.

Our first stop of course was Macdonald’s.  Mommy wouldn’t want her 3 men to die of hunger while shopping for her now, would she? We made it through our meal even though while in line I had to resist the temptation to text the wife and ask her what was it the boys usually get.  In fact, I wanted to ask her what I should get for myself. You should know this if you read my blog on my dining experiences.

The first store we visited, we somehow got distracted and ended up spending way too long in the toys aisle.  We picked up a few guns, toy guns that is, and a gun battle ensued.  Just when I was starting to feel a bit self-conscious, a dad and his two daughters approached. He grabbed a sword and started swinging at them. They in turn armed themselves and all three engaged in a sword fight.  Their Mommy hearing the laughter, poked her head around the corner, saw what was going on and scolded the girls. ‘Daddy started it!’ was their response.

The boys and I finally abandoned the toys and made a cursory exploration of the rest of the store.  We did not find anything mommy-worthy.

At the next store, I knew what I was getting as I had been there before but instead of going straight for the prize, I took my boys down the toy aisle. Again. This time it was no accident, we didn’t stumble.  We touched almost every toy and obliged the person who put the stickers on those that said, ‘press here to try’.

Throughout our exhausting shopping spree, we managed to get something for mom and two somethings for Mik and Ken.  For Daddy, it was one of the least stressful shopping experiences ever.


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