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Abolutely Gorgeous Out

English: a beautiful winter sunset on a bridge...

I really have a problem understanding why anyone would say it was ‘absolutely gorgeous out’ on any given day during the winter.  I am not a pessimist or at least I don’t think I am but seriously.  I do agree that there are days in winter that are like freak days in that they are not what we have come to expect in our city.  The temps go above the normal and it feels good in comparison to what it normally is. ‘IN COMPARISON’.  When this happens, everyone walks around telling each other what an absolutely gorgeous day it is.  I think to myself, ‘Oh really? If it was so gorgeous, why are we both standing here decked out in winter garments?’

I do admit that fresh snow falling while the sun shines down, makes for a gorgeous sight. It doesn’t feel that gorgeous but it sure is just a beautiful thing to see.  You can almost, yes almost, ignore the cold just to bask in the moment. Unfortunately, that’s not what my fellow city folks mean when they gush over the weather.  It is a balmy -10 outside with no windchill for a change.  There is no sun and no fresh snow falling yet I hear, ‘No wind, absolutely gorgeous out!’  What are these people going to say in the summer when it’s around the 20 mark, sunny with a light cooling wind?

Coincidentally, it’s now -2 and that’s way above the normal for us. It’s Absolutely Warmer Out. (Not even sure I should ever use the word ‘warm’ during winter either).

Just my take.


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