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Tim Tebow
Image by Jeffrey Beall via Flickr

On a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, there was a skit poking fun of Tim Tebow and his Christian practices.  My first response was to laugh at the humor of it. I failed to see it for what it was, an unacceptable mockery of someone’s religious beliefs and practices.

Tim Tebow is an NFL Quarterback who is garnering praises for his late game heroics.  Lately, his unwavering faith in God has been the topic of discussion.  Tebow celebrates his on-field successes by dropping to one knee in a praying position.  He does this despite criticism from fans and players alike.  He also never fails to give God all the credit for his wins.

Back to the skit.  The skit had an actor portraying Jesus.  ‘Jesus’ enters the locker room and confronts Tim Tebow (another actor) and his team.  He takes credit for their last win and told him to ‘tone it down a notch’. (his christian practices).  Suffice to say, it was of poor taste.  It is wrong on all fronts, to poke fun of other people’s beliefs. Could you imagine the fallout if this had been another religion, say Muslim, that was made fun of? There would have been world-wide protests.

As a fellow Christian, I find it very noble when Christians fearlessly practice their faith publicly.  It is not an easy thing for someone in Tim Tebow’s profession to stand up for what he believes in.  How much easier it is for an atheist to tell the world that there is no God yet the voice of the Christian is muted?

I am a Tebow-er and this is MY TAKE.


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