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Quite a few years ago, I bought a baseball cap with a nice flat brim.  Later, while hanging out with my cousins, one of them turned to me with a look of disgust and said “You look like an old man with that brim on your hat. You need to bend it like this.”  He then proceeded to show me how to bend the brim of my hat so I could look cool.  After this embarrassing encounter, I made sure that every hat I purchased either came pre-bent or I would shape it myself. I was not going to be caught looking uncool again.

English: Blue Baseball Cap

Curved brim

Not that long after, while sporting a cool un-oldmanish cap with a cool curved brim, I noticed that everyone else was wearing their hats with the brims nice and flat.  Imagine my consternation.  I felt played.  (Thanks a lot 50 Cents!).  To make matters worst, the hats had no adjustable bands at the back like the one I was proudly wearing, so yet again, I found myself looked at in near-disdain when I was sporting one of my formerly-cool-un-oldmanish-hats with the curved brim and a snap band on the back.  (By then I had a decent collection).  I am not one to toss out anything that still had life in them so I had kept my caps and wore them in private settings.English: Baseball Cap

Christmas day while at a family gathering, I overheard the twenty-something year olds raving about who got the best ‘Snapbacks’ for Christmas.  Curious, I asked ‘What is a snapback?’  ‘Oh those are those hats with the plastic snap on at the back.’ and then I was shown one.  Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? Not that long ago, I was ridiculed for wearing such a cap.  Weren’t they were something my dad or your dad would wear?.

(Looking on the bright side, I had gone full circle on this cap merry go-round. I was accidentally cool once again. Good thing I never throw anything out…).

So it seems like the hat fashion has made a complete 360 and I had not even had a chance to get off so it had caught up to me.  I found it funny that they had added a cool name to an old product and made it totally acceptable. Snapback. Such a cool ring to it.

Now I must go and break out my ‘formerly-old-men-hats-that-are-now-in-style’ and get some mileage out of them.  (I never really cottoned on to those flat brims anyways. Too gangsta for me.  Shh…).


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