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Woman, world’s biggest mystery.

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is a renowned and world leading physicist.  It takes a lot to stump this guy.  Black holes, Extraterrestrials, the universe, he could figure them all out.  He is Albert Einstein mixed with Isaac Newton.  So imagine my amazement when I clicked on a link that stated “Stephen Hawking reveals most perplexing mystery“. I was expecting some sort of complex enigma that I probably could not even start to wrap my mind around. I was surprised to find out that the world’s best scientist who could decipher anything, could be brought to a state of perplexity by WOMEN.

Now I am not saying women aren’t puzzling. They are. We all know that and they know that too.  I think they bask in that fact.  Some are even  puzzling to themselves.  Hearing it from Stephen Hawking was just shedding light on just how confusing mysterious they could be.

While reading the story, I found a couple of comments from readers that I have to mention here.  One was ‘You don’t have to understand how a tv works to enjoy watching it.’ and my favorite, ‘The difference between a man and a woman is, a man only wants one thing from every woman and a woman wants everything from one man.’

Women, we love you just the way you are. You make our lives interesting because we spend most of it trying to figure you out and never could.


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