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At World’s End

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Just when I thought I had read and heard all the ‘end of world’ predictions, yet another ‘expert’ has made a bold prediction as to when earth will meet its demise. He is a university professor no less. Which makes is forecast all the more credible. (insert sarcasm).

From the Mayans to the half crazed nut Harold Camping who keeps changing his predictions daily, we are constantly bombarded with doomsday predictions by those who lives are so empty that they spend time trying to decipher a code that has been decoded eons ago.  The solution is in the Bible for all the read.  NO ONE KNOWS THE TIME NOR THE HOUR WHEN THE SON OF MAN SHALL COME.  Sounds like plain English to me and needs to translation.  That alone is all one needs to know and not buy into the hogwash.

Now it begs the question, why the are we so consumed with this doomsday? For some of us, our world could be ending as I write, in the next day, month, year or whenever.  For others, it could come while they are engaged in their daily activities, whatever they are.  Either way, we should not fret ourselves because  bluntly, it’s really none of our business when the world will end.  We can do squat about it so who really cares? We should make the most of each and every day and live it as though it will end today. (To a degree that is. Don’t get carried away now).

Saying this, I have decided to jump into the fray.  Toss my hat in the ring so to speak. I am making a prediction that the world will end when we least expect it.  And I am sticking to that. In the meantime, I’ll assume the pray position and thank HIM for allowing me another day to use at my leisure.  Like making dumb and pointless doomsday predictions.

Just my take.


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2 thoughts on “At World’s End

  1. So true. People have been predicting the end of the world for a long time. Though it seems to have hit the forefront again. It will happen when God decides for it to happen. Not when we guess it will. Great post!

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