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While reading some random blogs, I noticed that the ones that I enjoyed most were those that  chronicled daily mundane activities.  So I either have a small mind or I am just a boring person, either way, I derive a sense of fulfillment or should I say refreshment, from a blogger detailing their morning ritual or blogging about a walk through the park.  Weird, yes I know and offer no apologies.

It is interesting how a simple act such as the brushing of ones teeth, could be turned into something read with the anticipation of a kid opening the big present on Christmas morning.  Sometimes it’s really not WHAT you write but HOW you write, that draws readers. Unfortunately, not everyone has the HOW but many have the WHAT.  Some of the bloggers I follow have that ability to take the uninteresting and make it interesting.

(talinorfali and mommysaidaswearword are a couple of blogs I follow and enjoy reading).

There is nothing wrong with blogs on Technology, Health, Economy or News.  I can and have  found satisfaction when reading some of these.  They each have their time and place.  I tend to shy away from blogs that drop technical terms and big words like grenades in a war zone.   Even though I am an information junkie of sorts and love technology as much as the other guy, there’s just something about a light blog about nothing that just grabs me. (Damn, maybe I am really small-minded…)

(After writing this blog, I was browsing Freshly Pressed and randomly clicked on a blog.   It was well worth the click and emphasized my point. Check it out here.  An interesting fluff blog.)


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5 thoughts on “Born To Blog

  1. I hate blogs that drop long words in, too. I also dislike acronyms and I prefer to use Italics for emphasis not underlining and not capitals! 🙂

    • I have just started using italics for emphasis also. I reluctantly used caps for lack of a better substitute but I agree, the italics is preferable. Thanks for dropping by.

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  3. mommysaidaswearword on said:

    thank you so much!

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