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A Time To Pray

A man praying at a Japanese Shintō shrine.

This morning on the drive to work, I was listening to my favorite Christian Radio.  The announcer said, “We have a prayer request for ‘blah blah blah’ so let’s all pray for this person.”  As I am programmed to do, I promptly dropped my head onto my chest in the prayer position.  Don’t worry, I promptly lifted it up again when I realized where I was.

I could see me explaining the accident to the cops. If I could still breathe, that is.  “Well officer, I was just praying for some poor sap who lost everything and had nothing to live for.  Just an innocent little prayer.”  “Were your eyes closed, sir?” “Officer, of course my eyes were closed. It’s a prayer and you are supposed to close your eyes to shut out distractions as you pray to God.”  “Even while driving?” “That was a slip-up officer and would never happen again. I forgot where I was.”  “Ok sir, go in peace and keep your chin up.”

If only it was that simple but I just wanted to share with you that little incident. I found it funny at the time.


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2 thoughts on “A Time To Pray

  1. Prayer is not something structured that we should do at a certain time at a specific place. Prayer should be spontaneous, whenever we feel like it, whenever there is a need, and a 24/7 thing. We should pray without ceasing. God bless.

    • Very True! Prayer without ceasing. It is not recommended to close your eyes in prayer while driving though. 🙂 Thank you for your comment. God Bless also.

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