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The Golden Globes

Last night was a prime example of what’s wrong with our world.  The much-anticipated Golden Globes was on and the Hollywood elites got their chance to show off their wealth and fame while some of us sat in front of our televisions eating kraft dinner and watching this facade.

I watch and enjoy movies and television shows as much as the other guy but that is where all similarity ends.  I do not follow the lives of celebrities. I couldn’t care less what they did and what they named their kids.  As a news junkie, it is sometimes impossible to ignore news relating to Hollywood Stars and that’s how I came upon the story about Modern Family Sofia Vergara wearing 5 million dollar worth of jewelery to the Globes. Five million worth of earrings, necklaces and bracelets!  Seriously, how can you feel good about yourself wearing millions in jewels or clothing for that matter. While parts of our world are experiencing starvation.  Forget parts of the world, parts of their very own neighborhood, the stars parade around showing off their wealth.  Yes I know it’s their money and they can do whatever they want with it but come on. If you have everything and have done everything that money can afford, why not do something worthwhile with what you have left?

Apparently this is nothing new as Carrie Underwood wore $7 Million worth of accessories to the CMA Awards in 2007 and Jennifer Lopez also had jewels totalling $5 million at last year’s Golden Globes. Shame! Shame!


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