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Captain did not abandon his ship

The world is abuzz over the recent capsizing of the Italian Cruise Liner.  Overshadowing the deaths and anguish experienced by the passengers is the investigation into the actions of the captain.  He is alleged to have abandon his ship, leaving behind his stricken passengers.  He was immediately arrested and charged for manslaughter. In a court hearing today, the less than heroic fella claimed that he did not abandon his ship as reported but had tripped and fallen into a lifeboat.  Well that explains it! Of course, of course you tripped. Good thing there was a lifeboat in the right place at the right time or you could have been a goner for sure there captain.  The last time I tripped, I fell into an open till at the mall and when I got home I found hundred-dollar bills stuffed in my pockets.  Aye! Aye! Sir!


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