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A Brazilian commercial has caused the birth of a superstar in that country and around the globe.  The ad is shows a guy trying to sell a condominium. He says, “It would fit my family nicely except for my daughter Luiza, who is in Canada.” (Luiza was studying as an International Student in Vancouver).  Luiza unknowingly became an overnight sensation from that random line, for doing nothing.  She went back home last week to a media frenzy.  It has also started a trend of people composing songs with lyrics parodying the now famous statement. Needless to say, Luiza is now giving interviews and showing up everywhere in Brazil as a celebrity.

It’s interesting the way we as a society are quick to bestow importance on those undeserving of it.  We are always on the lookout for the next big thing, the next idol, someone we can follow and emulate.  Sometimes, emulating these idols means giving up our morals and sacrificing our very souls but we do it anyway.  We dress like they do, we consume what they consume and do so until the next big thing comes along.  It is a strange phenomenon.

We might not readily admit it but we are truly starving for something big in our lives.  We realize that there has to be more to it than waking up, going to work day after day after day.  That is why we are so quick to embrace our Quick Fix Saviours.  (A term I invented).  They are our attempt to fill in the blanks in our lives.

What do I mean by Quick Fix Saviours?  Like I said, we, generally speaking, are starving for something, something to fill the void and the emptiness,  so we embrace our own forms of Saviours, Rock Stars, Movie Stars, Pets or material possessions.  These have one main thing in common, they are all just quick fixes.  They do not fill our emptiness  permanently. They cannot guarantee us anything. Unfortunately, the one who promised that he could give us eternal life and happiness, is ignored.  The only Permanent Saviour.

As humans, we suffer from nearsightedness. We tend to miss to big picture because we seek instant and fleeting gratification. We want it now.  Instead of going into a restaurant to sit down and enjoy our meals, we prefer the quick drive through service, even if it means eating while driving. Drive through ATMs and even drive through weddings are signs of our need for quick fixes.

Instead of seeking out the next American Idol, the next Justin Bieber or even that Mega Church Pastor with the Golden Voice, why can’t we eliminate the middle man and go straight to HIM? From what I read in the Bible, the man is the real deal. What do we have to lose?



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