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Losing Spiritual Mojo

Words have a power all their own

Ever had a day or a period where you just cannot seem to arouse your spiritual self?  You read the bible, pray and do basically the same things that brought you spiritual fulfillment but now, for some reason you just can’t get going.  Your prayers that were so fervent before, lack soul.  Empty recitals. You cannot understand.  Why? How come? What have I done or not done?

You are not alone.

I consider myself a Christian, plain and simple. No frills. I love God and thrive daily to do his bidding.  I believe and trust in him.  I still consider myself an amateur in my spiritual walk.  I think I will always be an amateur, always learning how to know him more.  Even with all that, I still have my highs and my lows.

How do one have lows when they daily walk with God? I have no clue but I do and if you don’t, please share the secret.  I envy you.  The thing is, it’s not even a temptation, in case you were concluding such.  I don’t feel like engaging in anything sinful.  It’s just a feeling of disconnect.  Like HE hung up the phone while you were still on the line, without a goodbye.  Getting up to attend church becomes a chore, especially when there’s a hockey or football game on TV, I question my prayers, my beliefs and my walk.

When I get these temporary lows, I try to dive into The Word and talk to him.  Sometimes, this is like talking to a brick wall or talking to myself.  I find that the best thing to do is to keep doing what I always do until it passes. (Good thing that it does pass).

I think that this is normal for any christian, (I could be wrong).  After all, the Bible does say that in Genesis 6:3. (Then the LORD said, “My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal;)




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