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Daddy! Daddy! Pt. 2 The Reality

Soon after publishing my blog about the powerful meaning of the word ‘Daddy’, I heard on the radio that there was a devastating fire in another part of the city which claimed the lives of four people including two young children. The tragic connection this has to my blog is that it underscored what I said was my worst fear, not being there for my sons when they cry out Daddy Daddy.  I am sure his kids and maybe wife called out his name in their final moments. Unfortunately, Daddy could not be there. On this day, their calls would go unanswered.

The value of human lives and relationships cannot be more stressed in situations like this.

Let’s take a moment to send up a word of prayer for this man and for the survival of his youngest daughter so that he could find some form of solace.  God knows he needs any form of support that he could get at this time.


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