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Rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated

Yesterday at work, I received a long distance phone call from an ex who I had not spoken to in ages.  She called in a panic.  Apparently she had also called my sister at 5am because she ‘heard from reliable sources’ that I was in the hospital knocking on death’s door.  Yes, she heard that I was dying.  She said that her source’s information was airtight as they verified it by mentioning stuff about me that only someone who knew me would have access to. (Well there goes the English definition of RELIABLE).

Reliable source

I am not sure if this was just an excuse for her to give me a call.  She has never needed an excuse before so it makes me wonder what would drive someone to start a painful rumor such as this. How about a rumor that I had won a million dollars instead?

Well unless I am a ghost writer, (Got the pun?) I am very much alive and hoping to stay that way for a very very long time.  I have unfinished business, people to see and things to do.   I am sitting at a winning machine that is still spitting out coins so why cash out now?


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