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How do you build a successful ministry?  Apparently DOLLAR by DOLLAR.

While walking on the treadmill this morning, I watched a televangelist do his bit on the television.  I had never seen or heard about him before and after watching for a bit, found out his name was Creflo Dollar.  “What a name to have in this business?” is what I thought.  At one point in his broadcast, he asked for a donation of $120 which would entitle the donor to some of his cds.  I thought, “Here comes the DOLLAR part of his name”.  I was watching this show as part of my morning devotion so I did not allow myself to be sidetracked by whatever suspicions the devil was trying to throw my way.

After I was done exercising, I made it a point of Googling Mr. Dollar to see where he was coming from.  I found this out, “Dollar is known for his controversial teachings of Prosperity theology.[9] He has been criticized for his lavish lifestyle as he owns two Rolls-Royces, a private jet, a million dollar home in Atlanta, and a 2.5 million dollar home in Manhattan.[9] Dollar has refused to disclose his salary and Creflo Dollar Ministries received a grade of “F” for financial transparency by the organization MinistryWatch.” 

Seriously? During his show, Mr. Moneybags was telling me that one shouldn’t worry about money and job etc. but just have faith.  Shame on you, Dollar!  Talk about living a humble life…It’s so easy for someone who possesses what he does to preach to the minions like us about not wanting  running after money. Of course we shouldn’t, we should send it all to you in the name of donation…

This is my take. Mr. Dollar could very well be innocent of all these allegations so do not side with me on my vent.  I speak it as I see it. That’s all.  Remember, it’s not the messenger, it’s the message that he brings.



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