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Hi, my name is Carlos and I am a Googler.  No, not an ogler, a Googler! It has nothing to do with looking at someone with googly eyes either. Never mind, just let me explain. I like to use the search engine Google maybe a tad too much. Have I Googled myself? Old news buddy, been there done that. If I knew your name, I probably would have Googled you too by now.  The thing is, I have an insatiable appetite for information. I have to, need to, know stuff. I want the DL, (for the not so hip, that’s Down Low). Google provides me unlimited access to ‘stuff’.  I am an information junkie trying to score a hit or two.

You don’t have to remind me that I should not trust every result I get from Googling. Duh, I know that and that’s why I have my trusted backup, Wiki! So now I am really not a Googler, more like a Gooki. (Got it? Goo from Google and Ki from Wiki).  Almost sounds like Geeky eh? Some days that’s exactly how I feel when I spend all my time mentally commuting between Google and Wikipedia.

Seriously though, I do love to Google and Wiki things maybe more than most people. When I see something on TV that I know nothing about, I run to my computer and ask my trusted friends.  They usually come through for me. Last week I was about to fall asleep while watching ‘An Idiot Abroad’, they were showing the Great Wall Of China and I realized my knowledge of The Great Wall was very limited. When was it built? Why and by whom? I couldn’t sleep with all this on my mind so I reached for my Ipad and asked Google to wake up his buddy Wiki and find out what he knows about The Great Wall of China.  Hmmm…so it could be seen from outer space huh? NOT! (Thanks Wiki).  After I was done with that topic, I figured I might as well brush up on The Pharaohs, The Sphinx, Stonehenge, The Pyramids and The Sargasso Sea.  I finally felt asleep much smarter than I was when I first went to bed.

Move over Facebook and Twitter. What have you done for me lately? Google has helped me to make some very important decisions in my life. Like should I take that vaccine my doctor is prescribing? Google said enough tests weren’t done on it so No! Remedies, Recipes, you name it, my buddies provide it.  Sometimes I feel like an information pusher. I can get you whatever info you seek. Shhh…just step into this alley and we can do business.  Oh wait a minute, I just had a thought, maybe I could write a book with all the info I gather from Wiki and sell it…  I could call it WIKILEAKS.


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