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Padding my stats, please read!

Who is the WordPress smarty pants who figured it was a great idea to give bloggers access to their blog stats?  Well I for one am not impressed.  A silly idea if you ask me but unfortunately, they didn’t ask me.

Let me explain my reason.  I started blogging just as a personal journal to chronicle my boys’ adventures and milestones. It was initially just a private collection that I happily maintained without stress,  then I shared it with a couple of my friends and they being my friends, told me that they were awesome and that I should go public.  Me being gullible, did exactly that. I churned out blog after blog and although I hoped that people were reading them, it didn’t really matter for it was just a fun hobby.

Then one day, my blogging experience changed. I found my Site Stats!   Sweet! I now could keep track of how my blogs were doing and more importantly how many hits they were getting!   I was hooked.  Immediately after publishing a blog, I would go to my stats to see if it was getting noticed. One day to my surprise and delight, I had 201 hits!  I thought I had hit the mother lode and on my way to being a bonafide blogger.  Little did I know it was just a tease to keep me hooked.  That number has never been duplicated since. (Talin, one of the bloggers I follow, has almost 70,000 hits and almost 11000 followers!)

My Stats checking finally got the attention on my wife. She noted that I was better when I just blogged about things I was passionate about rather than blogging to satisfy readers and get hits. I agreed with her but it was too late. I couldn’t stop.  Blogging solely about kids wasn’t really a bestseller so I punctuated my blogs with posts that I thought would be more interesting than my kids playing in the yard.  Sorry boys.

I have no plausible reason for this fixation with my blog stats. Sometimes I study them like specimen in a petri dish, breaking them down by blog and date.  I watch the hits counter climb with nervous anticipation like Obama on election night. I love seeing the double digits! Yeah baby, yeah!


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2 thoughts on “Padding my stats, please read!

  1. I can tell you, you are not alone. I am checking my stats several times a day. It’s addictive. I also noticed that the amount of hits can rise and fall with no apparent reason, and the terms that people search on and get to my blog are not making sense to me either.
    Anyhow, I hope you get the steady flow of triple digits. Your blog is great!!1

  2. Thanks Katz! Writing that blog made me realize just how much addicted I was so I have curbed it, somewhat.
    Glad you dropped in.

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