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My Directbuy Experience


Yesterday evening my wife and I took the plunge and attended an open house at Directbuy.  Considering we are building a house and would be needing appliances, it was a great idea to see what’s out there to save us some money.

We walked in and were immediately confronted by a throng of smiling, happy and eager sales agents.  They acted like we were long-lost friends that they hadn’t seen in a while.  I immediately felt uncomfortable.  It was like entering your house only to be greeted by a houseful of guests yelling ‘Surprise!’

An elderly gentleman looking very much like an overly enthusiastic Andy Griffith came over to us and said he was basically our chaperone for the evening.  He took us to a table and asked some basic and sometimes silly questions.  “Do you like to buy things on sale?” “Do you like markups?”  He actually waited for answers too.  After plying us with coffee and water, he ushered us into a room where about five couples were already seated in preparation for the presentation.

The presentation was given by another guy.  It was cheesy to say the least, with some more silly questions and a few videos of members extolling the virtues of having a membership at Directbuy. Their smiles and tones made me want to laugh but I held it in and feigned interest.

An hour later it was over, the presentation that is.  Andy Griffith came back and escorted us from the room and back to our conference table.  He again asked us, ‘So do you like markups?” “Would you shop at a place that didn’t have any markups?” And yes, he again waited for our answers.  After more dallying, he finally came right out and said it.   “You should buy a membership today”.  Just like that.  There was no ‘Would you be interested or go home and think about it, just  “You should buy a membership today.”  When we nicely declined his generous offer, he took it up and notch and informed us that should we not get it, we would not be allowed access for seven years.  Did I mention it was at a cost of $5290? It would have been $6290 but we were VIP and got $100 off. (In my best infomercial voice:  Act now and save yourself 100 dollars off the cost of a membership!)

After almost three hours, we finally escaped without committing to part with any of our hard-earned cash.

Note: Maybe some of you are members of Directbuy and it’s working for you.  I won’t argue the benefits.  This was just not something we thought would work for us and I was very uncomfortable with their in your face tactics.  Maybe we would have saved a few thousand dollars but would that have covered our membership cost? I didn’t think so.


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