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Ebooks vs Real Books

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Don’t knock it til you try it is what the common consensus is.  With me, I am the opposite.  Being a skeptic, I tend to view new concepts with mixed feelings.  It’s not gonna work. It’s not the same. I’ll stick to the old and trusted.  

And so it was with the advent of Ebooks.  No way! I can’t sit there reading from a tablet.  I need to physically turn a page and feel the book.  That’s just too weird.  There goes the neighborhood, were some of the thoughts I had.  Thankfully or unfortunately, I was never given a chance to experiment with this new fangled idea until a few days ago.

I was browsing for apps on my still newish Ipad.  I did a search for books and got an application that provided me with a few interesting ones.  Still skeptical, I decided to give it a shot.  Why not? So I started reading. And I kept reading.  I am still reading.

No, I didn’t notice any difference. In fact, I think I much prefer this new way of reading. No misplaced book or lost pages, no need for a night light…Why didn’t I buy into this before? Oh yeah, never mind.

Some of you may beg to differ but like I always say, there are two sides to a coin and this side is MY TAKE.


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