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On Black History Month

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Here I go again, wading into volatile territory without protection…As a black man, my views on this topic could alienate me from my brothers and sisters but they are my views, right? Black History Month.  What is the purpose of this?  In a society where we are still trying to dismantle racism, we still set up barriers, boundaries and labels that set one race apart from another.  Instead of integrating we are segregating.

I understand that ‘my people’ have been through hell in the form of slavery and risen above it to take their place in the upper echelons of American and world history.  It was unthinkable that one day a black man would run the most powerful country in the world, the country that ripped him from his motherland, The United States of America.  Today, Americans call a black man, of American heritage to boot, President.  Blacks have made and are making significant contributions in Law, Medicine, Science, etc.  Men like Martin Luther King are revered not only by blacks but also whites, Asians and other races.  The Black race has surely come a long way.  So, does this justify the setting aside of a month basically for bragging rights? Well maybe fifty years ago but definitely not in this day and age.

“Don’t look at color, see the man for who he is”.  Isn’t that what we preach as an evolving society? Then what about the Black in Black History Month?  Isn’t Black a color? Would it be acceptable to set aside a month for whites or would it seem like the flexing of white muscles or white power?  The common consensus is that black history is American history but calling a month Black History Month totally undermines this, in my view at least.

A few years ago, Morgan Freeman made a statement that echoed my sentiments.  “I don’t want a black history month. Black history is American history.” ” The only way to end racism is to stop talking about it.”   “There is no “white history month.” “I am going to stop calling you a white man and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.”  Well said Mr. Freeman.  He took a lot of flack from the black community for this stance but it needed to be said.

For us to tear down the walls of racism, we need to first stop seeing colors. Seeing each other as human beings and not Blacks, Whites, Asians et al.  Black History Month, again in my view, is a hindrance to the quest to end racism. I reiterate that we (Blacks) have made some worthwhile and outstanding contributions to American history.  I agree it should not go unnoticed but why can’t the name be changed to American History to recognize the contributions made to this great nation by all races?

I am a strong, proud black man who would never forget where I came from.   To all the great black men and women, I take off my hat.  A museum to preserve your memories would suffice, wouldn’t it?

Remember, this is just my take, my vuze.


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