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You make me sick!

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People who ‘forget’ to wash their hands after using the bathroom make me sick! Both literally and figuratively.

After encountering this unhygienic practice a few too many times, I had decided to blog about it but kept putting it off as it was not really the most interesting thing to blog about.  Relevant and serious perhaps but not compelling.  Finally, I had enough and now must dust off that draft I had made about a month ago and tell it like it is.  Drop it like it’s hot as the cool folks would say.

Being something of a germaphobe flirting with the edge of mysophobia, I am constantly on the lookout for unsanitary practices, especially in places where I eat.  I look to see if the cooks are wearing hair nets and gloves and are not cross contaminating my food.  So imagine my dismay and disgust when I see someone leaving a bathroom without washing their traces of their visit off their hands.

Face it, it could very well be the dirty, unwashed hands that you or I, especially I, shake unknowingly.  Or indirectly, I could have held a hand that shook that hand…You get where I’m going with this?  If not, then you won’t feel hurt if I ignore your offer to shake hands with you.  Nothing personal, just doing my job to keep my germaphobia intact.

There are germs lurking in those washroom! Yes, you naysayers, I know they are everywhere but so is STD but that doesn’t mean I should go dabble in it and share it with everyone.  You touch your most private parts and then walk out with proffered hands to shake with the next person? Sharing whatever germs is on your hands? (I feel dirty just writing this. Just kidding. Or maybe I’m not…)

Anyways, if you are one of those people who doesn’t see fit to wash your hands after visiting the mens/ladies room, then you make me sick, seriously you do.  And that’s not just my take.


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