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Are you gay?

Are you gay? No, don’t answer that. Seriously, don’t.  Why? Because I really don’t care.  Do you care to know if I’m heterosexual?  Does it really matter?  We are living in an accepting society that is breaking down the barriers of separatism like  race, sexual orientation, culture and whatever else makes someone ‘different’ from societal norms.  Shouldn’t this mean that everyone should be seamlessly melded into one designation, human beings,  without the need for self designation and red flags to identify anyone who are ‘different’?. (Read my controversial views on Black History Month here).

I do not understand the need for someone of the gay persuasion to advertise that they are so inclined.  Seriously bro, it’s cool.  You are who you are.  You need not fear me.  I have my own personal demons to stress over.  So you can drop the hand waving, the high-pitched voice, the walk and all the other cutesy stuff you do to make sure I know you are gay. I am heterosexual but you don’t see me flexing my muscles and talking in a deep voice or walking with a swagger, do you?  Or here’s a better one, I am black as you can see, when I speak on the phone, people think I am white.  This is because I do not see the need to speak black jargon to advertise the fact that I am a minority. You feeling me?  Not that way, I ain’t that kinda guy, homey don’t play that.

If you expected to read an anti-gay or pro-gay blog, you are barking up the wrong tree.  I am anti-crime and pro-human.  I am not here to speak for or against, I don’t have that authority and I don’t have the strength to stir the pot THAT much.

I also have a dream that parallels the great Martin Luther King’s.  My dream is to one day find it difficult if not impossible, to identify a gay guy from a straight guy.

My take.

Note:  After publishing this blog, a reader pointed out that some heterosexuals do possess the same effeminate mannerisms outlined here.  I agree, they do but in that case, I think it’s more normal than exaggerated for effect.


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2 thoughts on “Are you gay?

  1. “So you can drop the hand waving, the high-pitched voice, the walk and all the other cutesy stuff you do to make sure I know you are gay.”

    While this is the stereotype, I know plenty of people who do as you describe and are heterosexual, and plenty who don’t and are homosexual.

    Just so you’re aware. While some people will always fit the common stereotype, that isn’t the entirety of them. And since it is a somewhat flamboyant and noticeable way to act (as are most stereotypes), then you’re going to notice them and not notice the ‘normal’ gay people around you.

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