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Not now kid!

“Daddy…!” Daddy’s busy right now! Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something?  I am writing a world saving blog? The blog of all blogs! My stats are going to go through the roof! So not now kid! I think it but actually say, “Can you give me a minute please”. “But Daddy…” “What?!” It’s hard now to hide the impatience and exasperation in my voice.  Isn’t Daddy entitled to a little ‘me’ time?  I get no answer to my ‘What?!’ maybe because of my frightening tone or demeanor, so guiltily, I repeated the question,  “Son, what is it?” “Daddy, I love you.”  Just those simple words. That’s all he wanted to tell me. He didn’t need me to leave the confines of my virtual blog room.  Didn’t need me to reach a toy for him or play a game.  He just wanted to tell his Daddy that he loves him.

Words alone cannot respond so I, not reluctantly, get up and meet him in a deep embrace.  An embrace that said, “I love you too and I am sorry that I got impatient with you. I lost sight of my priorities.  won’t happen again.  Promise” Words alone could not convey that. Not quite in the same way. “You can go now, Daddy.” Can I really? Should I?

Saving the world can wait for another hour, another day.

“Son, Wanna play a game of Freeze Tag with Daddy?”


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