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Valentine’s Ass

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I made an ass of myself.  Me and my takes.  My big mouth.  My opinions.  My wife came home and ran down to the basement immediately.  She came back up with a slight look of guilt on her face.  I asked her what she was doing and got, “It’s none of your business!”  Which fanned the flames of my suspicions even more.

Later while she was getting dressed for bed, I again asked, “So what did you went to do downstairs?”  I got “Never Mind. You will know later.”  I remembered how she would hide presents for me at Christmas so immediately made the connection. “It’s not like it’s Christmas and you are hiding presents…”.  The look I got spoke volumes.  I had hit the nail on the head.  Without thinking, I plunged right in.  “I hope you didn’t go buying gifts for me.  You know I really don’t do Valentines.  It’s just a stupid commercial day to make money for businesses.  We don’t need a day to profess our love.  We could do the same thing any other day.”  I got on a roll and let it all out about my feelings of such days and how much I hated it for making us men feel inadequate if we do not partake in the madness yadda yadda yaddda…

My wife turned to me and her look said it all, but my words were like Cupid’s arrow,  once shot, could not be taken back.  They hung like a noose in the air, awaiting my neck.  I would have been happy to oblige right then.  Without a word, she took off to bake some Valentine cookies for our son’s school.

I went downstairs a few minutes later to make amends and sweep everything under the rug and found her in tears.  I tried to apologize but that only opened up the flood gates even more.  Apparently she had the entire love day planned out with me receiving small gifts throughout the day and other acts of love.

To make matters worst, on the treadmill this morning, (I exercise before work) I found a rose and a stuffed  ‘be my valentine’ dinosaur.   Way to take the zeal out of a workout…I felt like crap and rightly should.

You see, I am not a scrooge or spoil sport. I just don’t like commercial holidays that stress gift buying.  “Buy your loved ones this ring and make her feel special”  Does that mean I can’t make her special if I don’t buy it?   It seems so fake and contrived but if it is special to my wife, then I should make it special to me also.  After all, she comes first.

So Happy Valentine Baby!

P.S  I am now tossing out my vuze on Valentine and from now on, will make sure it’s an extra special day me and my honey.  Promise!


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3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Ass

  1. trowbridgemarvin1949 on said:

    Lasting relationships are no accident:

  2. “but if it is special to my wife, then I should make it special to me also. After all, she comes first.” Absolutely! That’s all that really matters. My question is what in the world did you do to get out of that doghouse? 🙂

    • I sent her emails all day and a link to this blog. lol. The worst part was that I couldn’t even make it up by getting her something as this would seem like too little too late.

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