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For The Love Of…Oil?

Whenever the USA decides to ‘free’ a country from its grip of tyranny, the common consensus is that the ulterior motive is oil.  The fact that these countries are often some of the world’s largest oil producers, lends credence to this belief.

Even though I tend to err on the side of conspiracy theories, I chose not to follow this path of thought in favor of giving the US the benefit of the doubt and believing they operate for the good of all mankind.

As they lay waste to countries ruled for many years by strongmen who were in most cases actually embraced by the US Government, I noticed some troubling scenarios.  All these countries actually saw a spike in lawlessness upon being emancipated.  Bombings continued, citizens armed themselves and became vigilantes with no respect for the law and the list of atrocities goes on.  We rarely hear about this because it tarnishes the supposedly good deed that was done in ‘freeing’ this country.

While other, sometimes even more war-torn and violated, countries cry out for help in Africa and China violates human rights, nary a finger is lifted.  No threats are issued.  Why?  What is good for the goose should also be good for the gander, right? If the USA stands up to injustices against humanity, then why the bias?  How do you select who gets bombed and who doesn’t?

If the consensus is wrong and the USA is actually in this for the greater good of the world, then maybe it needs to reassess how it goes about this delicate operation.  The middle east is an ant’s nest that should be walked on lightly and bombs are not the answer to everything. War breeds war.

This is just my take on things as usual. I have been wrong before. Although I can’t remember when, I know I was.

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