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Chicken Delight’s Not So Delightful Experience

I have made it clear in previous blogs how important it is for me to receive excellent customer service. It makes my day and raises my spirits. On the flip side, it ruffles my feathers in a big way when the service I receive is below expectations.  So imagine my reaction when my wife related to me, her experience at a Chicken Delight Restaurant yesterday.

Today we are celebrating a friend’s Birthday by attending an event at this place called Adrenaline Adventures.  It’s a winter activities sort of place where you can wakeboard, skate, snow tube etc.  Yesterday, Amie (my wife) found out that the Chicken Delight Restaurants were running a promo that gives you discount coupons for Adrenaline Adventures when you buy your meal.  (With a family of seven you need all the help you can get).  It being Friday and not really looking forward to preparing a dinner, she decided that she could take advantage of this and kill two birds with one stone.

When she got home with dinner, she realized that she had forgotten to claim her coupons. After all they were the reason she went there in the first place.  After dinner she went back to the store to pick up her coupons. Should be pretty much straight forward.

The cashier at the restaurant at least remembered her but told her that there were no more coupons to be had until next week as they were all gone.  Amie told her next week would not work because she needed them for today.  She then asked if the cashier could please call another store and find out if they had any in stock so she could pick them up.  Sounds easy and sensible, doesn’t it? Turns out that the girl needed to call her boss to approve this move.  She let Amie talk to the store manager and again this should have been a simple matter of explaining the situation to him and him apologizing and promising to do whatever he could to appease her. After all the customer comes first, right? Well Mr. Manager laid into poor Amie.  He insisted that she waited until next week, ignoring the fact that she told him she planned on using them today. He declined to call another store and instead told her the fine prints said ‘While quantities last’. He made her feel as though she was at fault for trying to get a wrong righted.

My wife told him that she was less than satisfied with his reaction and that she would not be frequenting his establishment in the future.  His reaction, ‘That’s your problem!’  Can you believe that?  This undesirable fellow’s livelihood was dependent on people like Amie yet here he was saying it’s her problem if she doesn’t want to come back to his restaurant.  How and why did people like him get into a position where providing customer service was top priority?

I am not a confrontational person by nature and it takes a lot to get me to respond negatively to anything BUT when it comes to something like this, I wish it had happened to me instead of my wife.  Sometimes she’s just a tad too nice.


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