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Happy Heap Day, Or Is That Lump Day?

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris

As I lay in bed this morning fighting a losing battle to stay in bed, I got to thinking.  You know what happens when I think, I come up with interesting stuff and ideas that if used, could perhaps change the world. Or so I think.  So anyways, as I was saying, I got to thinking and I thought about today being leap day.  For those who still don’t know, this is an extra day that is added on to the month of February every four years, making the year a leap year.  February normally has 28 days.  It is a little weird for those born on this day as they end up celebrating their real birthday every four years.  Funny huh?

Well my idea is this,  since this is an extra day added in to sync the calendar days with the seasonal days, why not just make it a holiday for everyone?  This would make everything so much more simple.  We could all take the day as a holiday and pretend it never happened.  This way it’s there but not there and the year could still be a standard 365 day year.  It’s like garnish on your plate, it’s kinda like food but not. It helps to fill your plate but you ignore it and eat everything else. Like that continent that’s not really a continent, the planet that’s not really a planet.  I am really astonished that no one has thought of this before.  It’s ground breaking stuff.  Just like my idea that when a leap day falls on a Wednesday, we should call it Heap day or if you prefer, Lump day.

You don’t have to agree, it’s just my take.


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